We cover everything from television shows shot on a broadcast format with a live audience, to live streaming music festivals, sports events, red carpets, runway shows and more!

Broadcast and Media Solutions

Our live production team serves clients in need of technical support for multi-camera production projects. Regardless of scale, complexity, or location, Broadcast Management Group provides clients with hands-on guidance, oversight, and execution of live production projects.

Virtual Set and Augmented Reality

How do you add visual interest to your virtual or hybrid event with remote talent across the globe? With smaller in-person audiences, how do you boost engagement and interactivity? A custom-designed virtual set can help to bridge those gaps. Virtual sets allow for new and creative ways to add interactivity between program participants and at-home viewers. A custom virtual set can help enhance brand recognition by customizing the virtual world to match your company branding. And finally, a virtual set allows for sponsor placement, which can help monetize your programming.


Drone Cinematography can be a great way for filmmakers to get unforgettable aerial shots. Cinematographers work with drones to get interesting shots that help tell a compelling visual story, contributing to memorable scenes 

Post Production

Post-Production is the stage after production when the filming is wrapped and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins.

Post-Production refers to all of the tasks associated with cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects, just to name a few.

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